FROM LONE MOUNTAIN Available Now ! <>

Hey everyone, my latest KCat collection from D+Q is out now !

FROM LONE MOUNTAIN compiles issues 62-68 of King-Cat (2003-2007), along with a selection of previously unpublished strips and detailed commentary. It features such classic stories as “Trombones No. 1,” “Great Western Sky,” The Sound of the Birds,” “Like a Pigeon,” “Iowa City,” “Las Hojas/Football Weather,” “Freeman Kame,” and the first batch of Diogenes comics. Every page of the original zines is reproduced in order including front and back covers, letters columns, Snornose pages, and Top 40’s. Also includes the standalone zines 3 Poems About Fog and The Ones That Everybody Knows. 308 pages, 6″ x 9″, two color cover, black and white interiors.

You can purchase it from your favorite bookseller, Amazon , D+Q , or even directly from me at Spit and a Half . I’ll also of course have copies with me at my upcoming festival appearances.

D+Q’s Tom Devlin writes about FLM here and Charles Hatfield has an extensive review up at TCJ .

Thank you ! And don’t forget I’ll be on the road a bit reading from the book. Full tour dates can be found here .

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